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YearMakeModelPriceDescriptionOdometerStock NumberImage
2017HONDACIVIC EX$5,9752.0L I4, auto, alloys, backup cam. No deployed bags. Runs/drives11,071I03I11
VELOSTER$6,9751.6L I4 GDI, 3door, SIRIUS, alloys, backup cam. No deployed airbags, runs and drives. 28,998G09P14Rebuildable 2016 Hyundai Veloster 4cyl GDI, 3door, SIRIUS radio, alloy wheels, backup camera. No deployed airbags, runs and drives. Good title. 28,998 miles.
2015HONDACROSSTOUR EX-L AWD$18,700Recovered theft. 3.5L V6, automatic, alloy, sunroof, htd leather. Runs/drives.32,100H06I17
ALTIMA S$12,9502.5L, power seat, 9,477 miles. Ready to go/no damage. 9,477D03X17
2013SuzukiSX4 AWD$2,9752.0L, AWD 4cyl, CD-player, XM, alloy wheels. No deployed belts or bags. Runs/drives.46,796G05D07Rebuildable wrecked 2013 Suziki SX4 AWD for sale.
2012NISSANMAXIMA 3.5 S$6,9503.5L V6, Sun roof, leather, alloys, 6-CD, 47,203 miles, Rear damage
48,477F05P26Repairable. rebuildable 2012 Nissan Maxima. Salvaged.
2012HONDACROSSTOUR EX-L AWD$6,9753.5L V6, auto, alloys, sunroof, backup cam, htd leather. Runs & drives. 49,292I01320
2012HONDAACCORD LX$5,9002.4L L4 DOHC 16V, 5-Speed Automatic, pwr windows and locks, 20,559D03B11
GOLF HATCHBACK$5,7502DR, 2.5L, 5 spd, 7,604 mi, front damage Runs/drives. 7,604C08M01
2012 HONDACIVIC EX COUPE$3,9501.8L 4cyl, Premium audio, CD, Sunroof, alloys, 2-door, auto. Runs23,804G04P26Rebuildable 2012 Honda Civic Coupe
2011SUBARUIMPREZA OUTBACK SPORT AWD$3,9502.5L, automatic, awd, heated seats. No deployed airbags. Runs/drives. 53,081H04313
2010INFINITIG37xS$7,5003.7L V6, AWD, sunroof, htd leather, nav, Bose audio, runs and drives. We have parts in stock!44,140G03Z06
2008VOLKSWAGENPASSAT 2.0T$3,900heated leather seats, sunroof, SAT radio, CD player. No deployed bags. 53, 637 miles. 53,637G01K22Wrecked rebuildable 2008 VW Passat 2.0t for sale
2007VOLVOS40 2.4i$3,9502.4I, sunroof, power seat, 49,079 miles, front damaged Runs49,079D12215Rebuildable salvaged 2007 Volvo S40 for sale
2005MERCEDESSLK 350SOLD2005 Mercedes SLK 350 convertible. 3.5L V6, automatic, alloy wheels, heated leather, hands free calling. No deployed airbags.67,188H10I01
2005HONDAACCORD HYBRID$3,9503.0L, leather, pwr/htd seats, 73,669 miles, RH side damage R&D73,669D03E25